The Cartier Women's Initiative is an annual international entrepreneurship program that aims to drive change by empowering women impact entrepreneurs

Cartier Women's Initiative is an annual international program aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs. Launched in 2006, the program targets women who manage or own startups in any country or sector and who contribute to sustainable social and/or environmental development.


CWI Academy was established in 2022 to assist female entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe and Central Asia in preparing for the global Cartier Women's Initiative program.

The Academy program is entirely free, with your time being the only investment required. Over 6 weeks, you'll acquire skills in business structuring, crafting accurate application responses, and enhancing your pitching abilities. The entire course is conducted online and consists of educational materials, video lessons, tasks to organize your business knowledge, and moderated video meetings with experts and peers in small groups.


The best thing you can do in business is to empower women. It changes everything

Cyrille Vigneron
President and CEO, Cartier
years initiative
15 years of impact play

Experts with extensive experience in the fields of management, education, venture investing, impact entrepreneurship, and marketing are involved in developing the CWI Academy program. They will share their industry insights and discuss additional opportunities for growth with the participants. Mentoring sessions will provide the opportunity to meet them in person.

Wingee Sampaio
CWI Global Program director
Sergey Khiruntsev
CEO Cartier Russia and CIS
Yanina Novitskaya
CEO Cartier South East Asia & Oceania
Victoria Krikheli
International Cartier Watch PR Manager
Aliya Maulesheva
Jury Member of CWI Central Asia 2022
Daniel Kozlov
Serial entrepreneur, investor
Maria Lapuk
PR in sturtup industry and venchur funds
Zamir Shukhov
General partner, CEO & Partner Global Venture Alliance
Ekaterina Inozemtseva
Investment Advisor РЕАМ
Marina Ross
CEO Hydrop, finalist CWI 2017
Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade
Director of Universal University
Aleksandra Zharkova
Andrey Sharonov
CEO of the National ESG-Alliance
Natalia Lipkina
Founder and CEO at
Veronica Peshkova
UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador
Zera Chereshneva
Strategic Projects Director VK social media
Olga Kitanina
CEO Alter, Finalist CWI 2021
Ekaterina Trofimova
Partner Deloitte, Ex Jury CWI member
Zaure Rozmat
Founder of The Steppe
Valentina Rogacheva
Co-Founder & COO of Verqor, laureate CWI 2021
Vera Bersudskaya
Expert for CWI results assessment, consultant for results assessment UNICEF-INNOCENTI Research center
Alisa Chumachenko
Serial entrepreneur; Founder Game Insight, Green Garage, Gosu Data Lab
Anastasia Chizhevskaya
Host of the RBC Green podcast, eco-projects manager & blogger
Roman Nester
Professor at the HSE, founder of Segmento, senior judge of the Effie Russia international award

Up-to-date information on sustainable development
Advantages of socially-oriented businesses
Ways to increase and assess the positive impact of business on society
Methodology for developing a value proposition


Common mistakes in financial planning
Determining the most important financial indicators of the business
Metrics for social impact in the financial model


Market evaluation and competitor analysis techniques
Audience identification and analysis
Definition and analysis of key marketing metrics
Effective PR and environmentally-friendly communication with customers
The role of personal branding


Strategies for building and developing a strong, cohesive team
Common mistakes in team communication
Conflict resolution strategies
The qualities of effective leadership


Common legal mistakes made by beginner entrepreneurs
Protecting intellectual property: how and when
Legally formalizing relationships with investors, employees, and contractors


Challenges of growth
Factors to consider when expanding a business into new markets
Cultural differences across different markets


Making a good pitch deck
Finding investors and communicating effectively
Presenting a project and understanding of what investors usually pay attention to
Preparing for pitching and emotional storytelling


The training program runs for 6 weeks and includes Telegram classes with a group size of 6-8 people. Additionally, there are video meetings with experts and group sessions on Zoom, held 2-3 times a week. To join, you'll need a computer with a camera or a smartphone and 4-5 hours per week for studying materials, completing assignments, and attending video meetings.

During the course, pitch sessions will be conducted where you will be able to present your business to experts and receive feedback.

Who is eligible for participation in CWI Academy? open
Women impact entrepreneurs who are founders or co-founders of a business (aged 18+) may participate in the program if their business meets the following criteria:

• It is in its early stage of development (1 to 5 years).
• It contributes reasonably to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
• It generates enough revenue to sustain its activity, makes a profit for its owners, and earns revenue from the sale of its products and/or services.
• It is registered as a legal entity of a business organization. (*Individual entrepreneurs - cannot participate in the Cartier Women's Initiative global initiative, but they are allowed to attend CWI Academy.)

Although knowledge of the English language is not mandatory to participate in the CWI Academy program, it is recommended that participants have a proficiency level of B1 or higher.
Why is participation in CWI Academy free? open
Maison Cartier has been supporting women in impact entrepreneurship for over 15 years. The program is designed to help guide women who are changing the world to develop their businesses. To develop an effective program, we have invited influential experts, mentors, education specialists, and moderators. We strive to create all the conditions for a comfortable learning experience.

Our goal is to involve your time investment in participating in the program, completing tasks, and applying for the CWI global initiative. The program is free, but we are working towards a joint result - increasing the influence and presence of women impact entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the CWI program.
Training structure: how does it work? open
The program runs for 5 weeks and is conducted through Telegram classes with 6-8 participants. Each week of study is dedicated to a specific topic, with video meetings scheduled with experts and the group dedicated to workbook and supplementary materials analysis. Some topics are self-study.

Zoom meetings are held 2-3 times per week. The training schedule will be sent to Academy participants upon enrollment. Attendance at video meetings is mandatory, with only a limited number of absences allowed for valid reasons - up to 3 absences per educational track. In the event of exceeding the absence limit, we may have to ask the participant to leave the program.

During the course, pitch sessions will be conducted where you will be able to present your business to experts and receive feedback.
How long does the training take? Can i balance it with my business and family? open
When developing the program, we calculated the cognitive and time demands on potential participants, considering that this track is an additional commitment for busy women.

We estimate that a time investment of 4-5 hours per week is typical for programs at this level of depth. Over 5 weeks, you will actively analyze and describe your business, but this effort will be a significant investment in your future. The program includes questions to help you pitch and defend your business to investors.

However, please be realistic about your capacity when signing up. Your engagement and attendance affect not only your own success in the Academy, but also that of other participants, as we foster peer-to-peer learning. Your absence from group work reduces the effectiveness of the program for everyone.
What programs are required to take the course? open
You can take the training on a computer or smartphone. To complete the program, you need to install Zoom and Telegram.
What will you achieve after completing the academy? open
The Academy's materials are designed to help you understand how to correctly answer complex questions related to the global CWI initiative. Upon completing the course, you'll have a valuable asset - a set of worked-out answers to questions based on the initiative's application. Successfully completing the Academy will also significantly reduce the time needed to fill out an application for the CWI initiative, from several days to just few hours.

It's worth noting that participating in the Academy does not give any advantage when applying to the global initiative.

Furthermore, the course also trains participants in pitching skills, preparing them for the next stages of the initiative in case they are selected.

Overall, the Academy offers a comprehensive training program that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively participate in the CWI initiative, and potentially contribute to important global initiatives.
What level of English proficiency is required to complete the academy? open
While the Academy program can be completed in Russian, it's important to note that homework assignments are written in English. In addition, proficiency in English at the B2 level or higher is required to apply for the CWI and participate in the global initiative.

If you feel more comfortable completing the program in English, translated materials are available. However, it's important to keep in mind that completing the program in a foreign language can significantly increase cognitive load. Make sure to assess your abilities carefully.
I've submitted my application. What's next? open
After you've submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the expert committee within 3-5 business days. You'll then receive an email notifying you of the status of your application. If you're accepted into the Academy, you'll be assigned to a group and given a start date for the program.

Please keep in mind that there are limited spots available in the Academy, so you may be denied admission due to a variety of factors, such as your business not meeting the selection criteria or a lack of available spots.

If you still have questions about applying for participation in the Academy, you can contact the Telegram channel of the initiative in Russia and the CIS for help.

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